Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Newly made buds

Just thought we'd introduce you to a few of our new buddies made this week. They can all be found in our online stores.....check them out!

"Harry is a laid back, easy going free spirit! He likes Starbucks coffee, watching sports on TV and coming up with ingenious solutions to complicated problems! Harry has excellent map reading skills and his favourite word is 'muppet'."

"Zack is a highly competitive, sarcastic and quirky little bear. He likes online poker, cheeseburgers and is a fan of classic rock music and heavy metal! Zack believes he can rap, but his abilities are questionable! Zack is afraid of ghosts and his favourite word is 'awesome'."

"Joshua has an obsessive personality and is a little shy. He is extremely perceptive, loves vegetables and has an impressive collection of socks. Joshua likes superhero movies and has an imaginary friend called Ernie."

Monday, April 19, 2010

oooooh new socks!

We finally managed to squeeze in a quick shopping trip to buy some much needed new socks. We just looooove picking out the funky ones - there are sooooo many different colours and patterns, it's easy to get carried away! Hopefully this new haul should keep us busy for the next few weeks....time to get stitching.
Zachary is looking forward to meeting some of his new friends. He can't quite believe this simple pile of socks (and a lot of hard work) will soon be little buddies themselves!

Of course, the little troublemaker that he is, he got a bit too excited and decided to build a sock fort which was a little structually unsound!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! This is only the buddies second Easter so they were very excited and super impressed with their Easter Egg haul this year!

Dexter was very pleased with his egg and won't let it out of his sight. He's never been big on sharing! He rather likes the shiny wrapping foil and hopes to use it to make a superhero cape!

The buddies decided to throw an impromptu Easter party and have over some of their friends. As usual, Wade was very popular with the chicks!
Whilst Zachary had to be told repeatedly to STOP licking the chicken!