Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update from Ellie

Sock Bunny Ellie was recently adopted by a great family. They were kind enough to send us a photo of her enjoying a day out at Venford Reservoir. Ellie was excited to catch up with a couple of other buddies her new family had previously adopted and see how they were doing. She's looking forward to settling in at her new home and is sure she's gonna be very happy!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Puck's Travel Adventures

Puck was very excited to be the first among his Sock Buddy friends to go on vacation - Las Vegas whoo-hoo! He took along his camera to take some pics for our blog. As you can see, he's quite the poser.

He enjoyed going on the open-top sightseeing bus, feeling the wind in his hair, he thought it was quite an adventure!
Snack time was always Puck's favourite part of the day! Although initially overwhelmed by the choice of coffee beverages, Puck soon became a coffee aficionado.
He developed quite a sweet tooth and enjoyed choosing out his afternoon pastry!
After sampling many of the coffee drinks on offer (a caramel machiato was his least favourite), Puck decided Iced Coffee was his coffee beverage of choice!

It didn't take too long before he got bitten by the gambling bug. He had to learn to budget his spondoolies and not get carried away. Althougth he only won a few dollars, to Puck he hit the jackpot!

Puck was very amused by the modern art and never missed an opportunity to get his photo taken!Now that Puck is home, he's very excited to show his Sock Buddy friends all his holiday snaps and tell them all about his adventures. He's even considering starting up his own blog!

For more pics from Puck's holiday why not check out Puck's Travelling Adventures at