Saturday, August 28, 2010

Puck's Summer Vacation Travel Snaps

Puck has just returned from his summer vacation in Vancouver and is very excited to share some of his travel pics with you all. Never one to shy away from having his picture taken, his camera is his best friend!
Check him out visiting the Olympic Torch............

and the Winter Olympic Inukshuk in Whistler. Puck was fascinated by this Orca statue and insisted on getting his photo taken with it.....can you see him?

Puck took advantage of a freak heat wave in Vancouver and checked out some of the local beaches.......

before stopping off at Prospect Point in Stanley Park.

After such an exhausting day of exploring, Puck decided it was time for a much deserved refreshment! He fell in love with these cute little cupcakes ( Soooo many flavours to choose from, it took him a while to decide, he wanted a little lick of each!

Puck had a fantastic time on holiday and loved every minute of his travels. For some more pics, check out his travel adventures on

Anyone got a picture of one of our buddies on it's travels? Why not share it with us and we'll add you to our gallery. It would be great to see where the little guys have been!

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Stock at Canonteign Falls

It was that time again when we needed to go and restock some of our buddies at Canonteign Falls.
After a busy couple of months, most our buddies had sold which was great news, although some were not so fortunate......
After what must of been one heck of a good squeeze, Ernie looked a little worse for wear - one of his eyes was detached....yikes! It was time for him to come home and undergo some minor surgery to restore him to full health. Undeterred, he is looking forward to returning to the store and meeting up with some of his friends, all of whom are looking for nice new families.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Wednesday

We dropped off some new Sock Buddies to
Busy Lizzies's Craft Shop yesterday.

Our shelf was looking a little empty (which means most of our little fellas had sold - excellent!) so it was nice to put some new buds out on display! There's a nice little selection of bears and bunnies in there now, so for all you local Devonians - go check them out! Don't forget they can all be personalised upon request - just get in touch!