Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a few purple buddies.......

Just a quick post to introduce you to a few of our purple buddies!  Meet Dexter, he loves adventure, thrill seeking and puzzle solving and longs to be like his idol Indiana Jones!  Dexter is often getting into trouble and has difficulty paying attention. Dexter's favourite word is "nugget" and his favourite colour is orange.
Check out Tyler.  He is a self-proclaimed genius and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything and everything!  He likes bananas, playing ping pong and is afraid of sharp objects.  Tyler is a bit of a hypochondriac and his favourite word is “moose”.
Sammy enjoys brain teasers and word puzzles, reading mystery novels and go-karting.  He is obsessed with yo-yos, hates making mistakes and his favourite word is “noodle”.
Marlon likes flying kites, camping, crayons and cheese.  He is allergic to lemons and dislikes exercise.  Marlon’s favourite word is “schmuck” and he has a pet turtle called Gordo.
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