Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wally's Chicago Adventure Part II

Wally was up bright and early ready for another day squeezing in as much of the Windy City as possible.  He was sure to pack his map so that he didn’t get lost!
 Wally checking out the Chicago Trolley Tour, he was happy to get a seat upfront and was very excited to check out President Obama and Oprah’s houses....big fan!
Wally at the Hard Rock Cafe!  Can you see the famous Sears Tower in the background?  Wally decided not to go up there, heights aren’t his favourite thing and it was a looooong way down!
Wally is a huge movie fan so was very excited to do the Chicago Movie Tour and check out the locations of some of his favourite flicks.
On a beautiful day Wally enjoyed taking a peek at Lake Michigan......
and checking out Michigan Avenue at the heart of the city.
Wally had a brilliant time in Chicago and hopes you enjoyed checking out some of his holiday snaps. Chicago is a beautiful and friendly city and he highly recommends it to everyone! If you’re off on your travels, think about taking a sock buddy friend with you. As Wally shows, they love to travel and aren’t camera shy!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wally's Chicago Adventure Part I

Wally has just returned from his fabulous summer vacation in Chicago. He was sure to pack his camera and took it everywhere with him. He's super excited to show you his travel snaps and hopes you'll have as much fun seeing them as he did taking them.

The night he arrived in the windy city, Wally decided to get into his very comfortable hotel bed and do his research and read up about Chicago.  He wanted to be well prepared and be sure not to miss anything.
First up was a walk (well Wally was carried, he can be a bit of a diva and his legs are only little!) around downtown Chicago.  Check him out at the Wrigley Building.  This was his favourite building, sooo pretty and he knew his sock buddy friend Wrigley would get a kick out of this photo!
Wally at the entrance to Millennium Park - he knew the Bean was just around the corner and was very excited.......
Wally and the world famous Chicago Bean!  He was very impressed, in fact the Bean was Wally's favourite part of Chicago - it was just so big and shiny!!  He was hoping for a photo a bit closer but with all the people around he was a little worried about getting squished!
Checking out the beautiful Chicago River and the city's many bridges!
Although he gets seasick, Wally was keen to go on the city's River Cruise.
After a long day of sightseeing Wally had a craving for a slice of authentic Chicago Deep Dish pizza so went to the locally recommended Pizzeria Uno, yummy!
For more about Wally's Chicago adventure check out Part II coming soon.........