Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Love Buddies!

It's almost Valentine's Day and we've finally gotten around to uploading some new Valentine Love Buddies online.  We thought we'd introduce you to a few.  Meet Daisy.  'Daisy likes making friends on Facebook, road trips and picnics. She has an impressive collection of teacups, is afraid of superglue and dislikes jelly fish.'
Here's Penelope.  Penelope is a bright, funny and caring little buddy who loves to gossip and exercise on her Wii! She enjoys swimming, badminton and is obsessed with updating her Facebook page. Penelope's favourite colour is orange and her favourite word is “smurf”.

Introducing Stevie.  'Stevie is a playful and goofy little bear who loves social networks and is addicted to Facebook. She likes tennis, shopping and has a great sense of direction. Stevie's favourite word is “chewy” and her favourite colour is yellow.'

And not forgetting Leah, a little Valentine Love Bunny.  'Leah is a shy little bunny who likes daisies, toffee popcorn and looking at the stars. She dislikes liquorice and is afraid of birds!'

There are lots more Valentine Love Buddies to be found at Dawanda.  Don't forget they can each be personalised for your love one FREE!  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wally's Christmas Vacation!

We hope everyone had a fab Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  Wally recently returned home from his Christmas vacation and is very excited to show you all just a few of his travel snaps!  He went to Las Vegas to do Christmas American style - he was super impressed with all the Christmas decorations.  This is the biggest tree Wally had ever seen......... 
it just kept going and going.......................
Wally was sure to get his wish list sent off to Santa early.  He thought this special mail box was very cool! 
Although not usually one for shopping, Wally did enjoy his trip to the shopping centre to check out a few items on his wish list.  Who did he run into - none other than Santa himself!  Wally was very excited to meet him, although he appeared to be very busy and wasn't very talkative.  Still Wally was keen to get his photo taken with him to impress all his friends.
Wally liked spending time at the Venetian Hotel's very festive Winter Wonderland.  He wanted to have a go on the ice skating rink but he only has very little legs and there were no ice skates in his size.
Wally was hoping this was going to be his Christmas present!
and finally....Wally's favourite Christmas tree - super colourful and not a pine needle in sight!
Wally had a fantastic Christmas holiday and hopes you all had a great holiday season too.  For more of Wally's travel photos check out our Flickr gallery.