Saturday, May 28, 2011

a day at the beach!

A few of our little buddies decided to make the most of a gloriously sunny day top pop down to the local beach. Lincoln was very excited, this was his first day trip!

Jefferson was amazed by the colour of the sea - he'd never seen it before. He couldn't wait to check out all the rock pools...... .....but Lincoln beat him too it. He was very careful not to fall in tho - sock buddies don't like to get wet. The water was so inviting that Regan wanted to have a little paddle in the sea - but after he stuck one toe in he decided it was a bit of the chilly!Lincoln was super excited to check out all the pebbles on the beach. He'd been looking forward to trying a bit of pebble balancing all day........ After a little while finding his favourite pebbles, he managed to build a nice little pebble monument! He was very impressed with his effort and had lots of fun.
Our buddies had a great day out at the beach and can't wait to take some more of their friends to check out some other local beaches later this summer.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Update

We've been busy working away at some new buddies. Check out this little pile - just waiting for their finishing touches - lips, eyes and bellies!

Here's one little fella we finished earlier. Meet Regan. 'Regan likes chocolate brownies, is addicted to cereal and dislikes sushi. Regan loves to build sandcastles, dislikes the word "moist" and has a phobia of octopus!'
Go pay him a visit at