Friday, October 12, 2012

Derek the Sock Demon

It's almost Halloween so we thought we'd whip up a special spooky and scary sock monster.  Introducing Derek the Sock Demon.  We can't decide whether he's a little vampire or werewolf but we think he's cool!
Derek is a mischievious little demon who is fascinated by patterns and numbers. He likes chocolate chip cookies, martial arts and medical dramas on TV. Derek’s favourite word is “schmuck” and his favourite colour is blue.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a hint of green.....

Just a little post to highlight a few of our buddies with just a hint of green........
Meet Ripley.  Ripley loves pancakes with maple syrup, playing black jack online and doing the daily crossword. Ripley dislikes enclosed spaces, getting caught in the rain and his favourite colour is orange.
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Bubba likes Ben and Jerry ice cream, bananas, kayaking and playing the drums. Bubba dislikes seafood, is afraid of cats and his favourite colour is green.
A little Pin Pal - ideal for safely storing your pins or a great little travel buddy or car companion!
Gilley likes to have wild adventures with his imaginary friends. He is a scrabble champion, dislikes mushrooms and is afraid of germs.
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