Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dawanda's Colour of the Month

Dawanda's Colour of the Month for November is Grey with one other colour.  Check out a few of our selected entries.  Meet Evie.  'Evie is a playful and goofy little bear who loves social networks and is addicted to Facebook. She likes tennis, shopping and has a great sense of direction. Evie's favourite word is “chewy” and her favourite colour is yellow.'
Meet Zeppo. 'Zeppo likes rock music, action movies, cheeseburgers and playing videogames. He dislikes early mornings and has a phobia of clowns. Zeppo's favourite word is “muppet” and he has a pet iguana called Chuck.'
and lastly these cute little grey mini monsters were too sweet not to enter!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

eyeballs, eyeballs and more eyeballs.....

With that time of year again and our Christmas shows fast approaching, we decided to knuckle down and get ourselves organised.  Some new mini monsters and sock aliens were on the 'to do list'  and our biggest priority......eyeballs!
We went for some much needed retail therapy and bought some fabulous buttons from our fav little craft shop - Puddleducks.  They have soooo many quality buttons to choose from and we love how they store the different colours in these cute glass bowls.
We sorted through our little selection and made up some preliminary eyeball selections for our monsters.  Then it was time to whip out the felt and prepare some felt eyeballs for the child friendly mini's. 
Now it's just time to sew the monsters themselves. Pheww.......back to the sewing machine!