Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Show Update

We're almost half way through our Christmas Shows already. We spend all year planning and stocking up and they fly by soooo quickly! This past week we had a crazy busy and somewhat manic school fair in Taunton which proved to be very successful!
Our mini monsters continue to sell like hot cakes and we managed to get 35 adopted in just under 2 hours! As we were packing up to leave we were greeted by a heavy snow fall which made the fair feel even more festive (even if it did make the drive home very interesting!).
Yesterday we had a good day at a fair up in Somerset. It was an early start setting off to the show and it was cooooold (-2 we were reliably informed!) We were a little worried about what the turn out might be after weather reports of heavy snow but in the end there was not even a flake and lots of people braved the chilly air to come out and support the event.

Lots of sock buddies found new homes and are looking forward to being stocking stuffers this Christmas. Halfway through the day we sold out of our popular mini monsters, so now with only a handful left, we're going to be busy stitching away for the next few days to get ready for another action packed and fair filled week. I think a trip to the shops might be needed, our sock pile is looking a little low...........

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stocking Stuffers!

It's that time again when we have to start thinking about our Christmas shopping. Here at eckel and noo we'd like to make life a bit easier, so why not check out our little collection of stocking stuffers! Great little gifts that are ideal for everyone, young and old! Stocking Stuffers are defined as "small, inexpensive gifts hidden inside a Christmas stocking". We think out little mini monsters fit the bill perfectly! We've spent the past few days uploading new sets of mini monsters online. They come in pairs or sets of three or five. Ideal little pressies - keep one for yourself and split the rest up for your family and friends!

Take a peek at our new mini monsters with button eyes - super cute!
Or our ever popular child friendly mini monsters with felt eyes!

Our mini monsters were recently featured on Dawanda as great gifts this holiday.
Check them out - they are all available online now at

Don't forget any buddy can be personalised, including our mini buddies to make truly special and individual gifts!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dawanda's Winter Wonderland!

Yay! Digby's been selected for Dawanda's Winter Wonderland feature! He's part of the 'Getting Cozy at Home' collection.

"The Winter Home Collection is designed to inspire a sense of warmth and comfort." Digby was very pleased to have been chosen, go check it out for yourselves at

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Winter Sock Buddies

For the past few weeks we've been knocking up a range of new Winter Buddies. Each little fella has their own hand knitted detachable scarf to keep them nice and warm during the winter. They are currently featured in our shop window at Dawanda.
The knitting has been a lot of fun and a nice distraction from all that sewing - still - it can soon become addictive! We've managed to whip up quite a few scarves now and althought they're quite time consuming; we think they definatley add a little something extra to our buddies.
Ringo and Willis couldn't wait for them to be finished and just had to get started choosing out their favourites.
It was all fun and games until they both decided that they liked the same scarf and a tug of war began! They soon made up and decided to share - they are buddies after all!
You can take a peek at our new Winter Buddies at but here are a couple keen to introduce themselves.

Meet Sammy. "Sammy enjoys brain teasers and word puzzles, reading mystery novels and go-karting. He is obsessed with yo-yos, hates making mistakes and his favourite word is 'noodle'."

Introducing Morty. "Morty is a self sufficient, independant and outgoing little monster. He has a great sense of humour, likes rock climbing, mint choc chip ice cream and being spontaneous. Morty's favourite word is 'squirt' and his favourite colour is green."