Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grey Buddies

Meet a few of our grey buddies.  Introducing Romeo.  Romeo likes cartoons, cherries and cheesecake.  He dislikes kiwi fruit and has a phobia of odd numbers.  Romeo’s favourite word is “slurp” and he has a pet iguana called Goober.
Say hello to Neelix.
Check out one of grey Pin Pals.  A great little pin cushion or alternatively a fab keyring to attach to your bag or keys.
Meet Lincoln.  Lincoln loves chinese food, playing arcade games and is addicted to watching re-runs of Friends.  His favourite colour is green and his favourite word is "smooch".
And finally, introducing Gertie.  Gertie likes yoga, flamingos, jam filled doughnuts and watching medical dramas.  Her favourite word is "freckles" and she dislikes surprises.
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