Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a trip to the beach........

Had a great time at a Christmas Fair last weekend.  It's still fairly early but we managed to get into the festive spirit.  Lots of buddies were adopted and found new homes and lots of fun was had by all.
Donovan had a particularly good time.  He made the most of his lunch break to go and explore the beach down at Budleigh Salterton.
Here he is checking out the beach huts.....
and the boats.....
and finally taking a well earned rest. Those pebbles weren't easy for his little feet to walk across!
It's always fun to take our little buddies exploring when we go to shows.  If you and your buddy have been on any adventures, why not let us know and show us some of your pics!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Derek the Sock Demon

It's almost Halloween so we thought we'd whip up a special spooky and scary sock monster.  Introducing Derek the Sock Demon.  We can't decide whether he's a little vampire or werewolf but we think he's cool!
Derek is a mischievious little demon who is fascinated by patterns and numbers. He likes chocolate chip cookies, martial arts and medical dramas on TV. Derek’s favourite word is “schmuck” and his favourite colour is blue.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a hint of green.....

Just a little post to highlight a few of our buddies with just a hint of green........
Meet Ripley.  Ripley loves pancakes with maple syrup, playing black jack online and doing the daily crossword. Ripley dislikes enclosed spaces, getting caught in the rain and his favourite colour is orange.
Check out one of our cuddly Christmas Tree Decorations. 
Bubba likes Ben and Jerry ice cream, bananas, kayaking and playing the drums. Bubba dislikes seafood, is afraid of cats and his favourite colour is green.
A little Pin Pal - ideal for safely storing your pins or a great little travel buddy or car companion!
Gilley likes to have wild adventures with his imaginary friends. He is a scrabble champion, dislikes mushrooms and is afraid of germs.
For more of our 'green' sock buddies check out Dawanda

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic Buddies!

In celebration of our Olympic gold rush the past couple of weeks, we are naming a selection of buddies in honour of some of their favourite Olympic Gold medallists!
Meet Kenny - (Jason Kenny - cyclist).  Kenny  is a super smart little monster and wants to grow up to be a nuclear physicist, rocket scientist or neurosurgeon.  Kenny likes bubblegum, lasagne, lollipops and a nice glass of cold milk.  He dislikes liquorice and his favourite word is “doodle”.
Introducing Alistair (Alistair Brownlee - Triathalon).  Alistair likes strawberry flavoured jelly, bowling and karaoke. His best friend is his pet turtle Johnnie and his favourite word is “blimp”. Alistair dislikes peanut butter, is allergic to lemons and has a phobia of worms.
Say hello to Ainslie (Ben Ainslie - Sailing).  Ainslie is a shy monster who would love to be cool but is socially awkward! He likes chocolate chip cookies, martial arts and medical dramas on TV. Ainslie dislikes confrontation and is afraid of bullies.
Introducing Jessica (Jessica Ennis - Heptathalon).  Jessica likes beach holidays, pineapple juice and loves collecting goofy knick-knacks.  She likes to exercise and is addicted to going to the gym.  Jessica's favourite colour is purple and she has a pet goldfish called Mr Smith.
Meet Bradley (Bradley Wiggins - Cycling).  Bradley likes pitch and putt golf and going to the movies. His favourite colour is green and he has a pet iguana called Peanut. Bradley is afraid of flying and dislikes marmalade. 
Check out all out new Olympic Buddies at Dawanda.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grey Buddies

Meet a few of our grey buddies.  Introducing Romeo.  Romeo likes cartoons, cherries and cheesecake.  He dislikes kiwi fruit and has a phobia of odd numbers.  Romeo’s favourite word is “slurp” and he has a pet iguana called Goober.
Say hello to Neelix.
Check out one of grey Pin Pals.  A great little pin cushion or alternatively a fab keyring to attach to your bag or keys.
Meet Lincoln.  Lincoln loves chinese food, playing arcade games and is addicted to watching re-runs of Friends.  His favourite colour is green and his favourite word is "smooch".
And finally, introducing Gertie.  Gertie likes yoga, flamingos, jam filled doughnuts and watching medical dramas.  Her favourite word is "freckles" and she dislikes surprises.
To see more of our grey buddies and lots of other different colours visit our online store at Dawanda

Saturday, June 9, 2012

crazy weather......

We've been having some crazy weather here lately.  One minute it's super sunny and then the next minute we have rain coming down and wind blowing like the world's about to end!! 
Wally, who isn't particularly keen on storms was surprised to wake up and find this big tree had fallen down in the garden overnight.  Still, he's looking forward to taking some friends and making a cool tree fort! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a few purple buddies.......

Just a quick post to introduce you to a few of our purple buddies!  Meet Dexter, he loves adventure, thrill seeking and puzzle solving and longs to be like his idol Indiana Jones!  Dexter is often getting into trouble and has difficulty paying attention. Dexter's favourite word is "nugget" and his favourite colour is orange.
Check out Tyler.  He is a self-proclaimed genius and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything and everything!  He likes bananas, playing ping pong and is afraid of sharp objects.  Tyler is a bit of a hypochondriac and his favourite word is “moose”.
Sammy enjoys brain teasers and word puzzles, reading mystery novels and go-karting.  He is obsessed with yo-yos, hates making mistakes and his favourite word is “noodle”.
Marlon likes flying kites, camping, crayons and cheese.  He is allergic to lemons and dislikes exercise.  Marlon’s favourite word is “schmuck” and he has a pet turtle called Gordo.
To visit these purple buddies and lots more visit us at eckel and noo @ Dawanda

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sock Monster Pin Pals & Keyrings

Just wanted to write a little blog post to introduce a few of our newest creations - our Mini Monster Pin Pals and Keyrings.  This little guy is one of my personal favourites - he's sooo cute and colourful. 
Our cuddly sewing buddies make fantastic little pin pals.  They are great for keeping your pins handy when stitching!  Each pincushion comes with a ribbon loop  - ideal for hanging on your sewing machine.  Alternatively attach them to your keys as great keyrings!
Also, check out our new cuddly bag buddies - a great little accessory for your keys or bag!  Carry a little friend around with you on your travels! 
Each bag buddy comes with a ribbon loop and silver plated lobster clasp which easily attaches to your keys or bag. 

All of our  Mini Monster Pin Pals and Keyrings are handmade and one of a kind.  Go take a look now at Dawanda - you may find yourself a new friend!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wally & his new girlfriend Hattie!

Wally wanted to introduce is new girlfriend Hattie.  They met using an online dating service and have fallen madly in love!  The two of them are inseparable. They enjoy watching movies, taking road trips and can often be found walking hand in hand in the park.  How cute are they?!?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Love Buddies!

It's almost Valentine's Day and we've finally gotten around to uploading some new Valentine Love Buddies online.  We thought we'd introduce you to a few.  Meet Daisy.  'Daisy likes making friends on Facebook, road trips and picnics. She has an impressive collection of teacups, is afraid of superglue and dislikes jelly fish.'
Here's Penelope.  Penelope is a bright, funny and caring little buddy who loves to gossip and exercise on her Wii! She enjoys swimming, badminton and is obsessed with updating her Facebook page. Penelope's favourite colour is orange and her favourite word is “smurf”.

Introducing Stevie.  'Stevie is a playful and goofy little bear who loves social networks and is addicted to Facebook. She likes tennis, shopping and has a great sense of direction. Stevie's favourite word is “chewy” and her favourite colour is yellow.'

And not forgetting Leah, a little Valentine Love Bunny.  'Leah is a shy little bunny who likes daisies, toffee popcorn and looking at the stars. She dislikes liquorice and is afraid of birds!'

There are lots more Valentine Love Buddies to be found at Dawanda.  Don't forget they can each be personalised for your love one FREE!  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wally's Christmas Vacation!

We hope everyone had a fab Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  Wally recently returned home from his Christmas vacation and is very excited to show you all just a few of his travel snaps!  He went to Las Vegas to do Christmas American style - he was super impressed with all the Christmas decorations.  This is the biggest tree Wally had ever seen......... 
it just kept going and going.......................
Wally was sure to get his wish list sent off to Santa early.  He thought this special mail box was very cool! 
Although not usually one for shopping, Wally did enjoy his trip to the shopping centre to check out a few items on his wish list.  Who did he run into - none other than Santa himself!  Wally was very excited to meet him, although he appeared to be very busy and wasn't very talkative.  Still Wally was keen to get his photo taken with him to impress all his friends.
Wally liked spending time at the Venetian Hotel's very festive Winter Wonderland.  He wanted to have a go on the ice skating rink but he only has very little legs and there were no ice skates in his size.
Wally was hoping this was going to be his Christmas present!
and finally....Wally's favourite Christmas tree - super colourful and not a pine needle in sight!
Wally had a fantastic Christmas holiday and hopes you all had a great holiday season too.  For more of Wally's travel photos check out our Flickr gallery.