Saturday, June 8, 2013

Father's Day - June 16th

It's Father's Day on the 16th June.  Why not buy something a little different so that when your Dad unwraps his gift it turns out to be something unexpected and quirky!  That's where our Sock Buddies come in.  Great little cuddly (and manly!) monsters are available at Dawanda.  They make great accessories and companions for your Dad's home or car! 

Check out our hot picks for Father's Day.  Meet Bentley.  Bentley likes theme parks, being naughty and being tickled.  His favourite colour is green and his favourite word is "dweeb".  Bentley likes to eat nothing but marmalade and is afraid of garden gnomes.
Introducing Walden.  Walden loves adventure, thrill seeking and puzzle solving and longs to be like his idol Indiana Jones!  Walden is often getting into trouble and has difficulty paying attention. Walden's favourite word is "nugget" and his favourite colour is orange.
Finally check out Walter.  Walter likes chocolate brownies, is addicted to cereal and dislikes sushi. He loves to build sandcastles, dislikes the word “moist” and has a phobia of octopus.
Why not go a step further and personalise your buddy.  Just give us your Dad's name and a few of his personal details, likes/dislikes etc and we can create a personalised bio tag for your buddy FREE of charge.  Be sure to order your buddy soon.  Postage takes 1-2 days in the UK and 2-5 to Europe - be sure your buddy arrives for Father's Day!

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