Friday, July 12, 2013

breeding like rabbits.....

Little sock bunnies are popping up all over the place.  Newly listed online at Dawanda, go and check them out for more details. 
Here's just a few who want to say hello.    Meet Emerson.  Emerson is a charming and loyal little guy and likes marshmallows, riding his bike and playing in the rain. He dislikes green vegetables and is terrible at reading maps!

Meet GracieGracie is a playful and goofy little bunny who loves social networks and is addicted to Facebook. She likes tennis, shopping and has a great sense of direction.

Introducing ZackZack likes spaghetti, collecting paperclips and enjoys a good party! He dislikes enclosed spaces, getting caught in the rain and his favourite colour is orange.
Say hello to Ainslie.  Ainslie is a shy bunny who would love to be cool but is socially awkward! He likes chocolate chip cookies, martial arts and medical dramas on TV. Ainslie dislikes confrontation and is afraid of bullies.

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